The Mogler family has its roots established in extreme North-West Iowa. Today the Mogler family farm looks a bit different than it did when it began, but carries on the same values established long ago. When we are not working, you can find us drinking coffee and eating LOTS of popcorn!


Howard Mogler.jpg

Meet Howard

Howard is the patriarch of what most people know to be the “Mogler Family”. Howard farmed alongside his father from a young age only being allowed back to school once the seeds were planted or the crops were harvested. Howard married Lillian in 1956 and began farming on his own. They raised a family of 5 boys and 2 girls. Blessed to their family tree are 31 grandchildren and 13 going on 17 great-grandchildren. Today 3 of their sons and 3 of their grandchildren are back on the family operation.

In order for Howard’s children to be a part of the family operation, he decided to diversify the farm from a crop and cattle operation to raising hogs in 1976.


Meet Rodney

Rodney is the oldest of the Howard & Lillian Mogler family. When Rodney expressed interest in the farm Howard looked to the swine industry for opportunities to expand the operation.  He pursued a degree in Farm Operations from Sheldon, IA and then spent a week at Dekalb swine school as the family pioneered into a new industry.  Rodney's role has evolved over the years from sow farm manager to oversight of all agronomy and construction. Outside of farming, Rodney enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife, children, and grandchildren.

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Meet Brian

Brian is the third oldest of the family. Brian also was given the opportunity to join the family farm when the original 200 head sow farm was established. After high school, he studied Farm Operations and earned his Associates degree. Brian’s role has also gone from sow farm production to now managing the farm’s elevator site and cattle operations. You can find Brian spending time at the lake with his children and grandchildren or traveling to see family or friends when he isn’t working.


Meet Dwight

Dwight came to the family fifth in line. Dwight spent time working for a grain handling company after college, since opportunities on the farm when graduating college in the 1980’s were limited. Four years later, Howard called Dwight telling him there was opportunity to come back to the family business if he was interested. Dwight accepted the opportunity as sow farm manager and grew that farm to 900 sows. Now, Dwight oversees all grow-finish operations as that portion of the business has grown significantly with his oversight. Dwight enjoys reading books and spending time with his family when he is not at the farm.


Meet Chet

In 2009, Chet graduated from college with a degree in Ag Business and then had an opportunity to return to the family business. He began managing the 900 sow farm in 2010, and in 2015 worked alongside the family to build a new 4400 head sow farm. Chet supervises the daily operations at the sow farm and assists the other operations where needed. Chet, his wife and their children enjoy spending time together on their acreage near the farm.


Meet Ross

Ross took the opportunity to gain a degree in Ag Business Technology from a community college before returning back to the farming operation in 2010. Currently, Ross manages the agronomy operations with his father (Rodney) and assists in managing the feedlot operations and employees. When he get the opportunity to relax, Ross enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, as well as reading or listening to books.

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Meet Janae

Upon graduating with an Animal Science degree in 2014, Janae started working for a family swine farm in Minnesota. In July of 2015, Janae had the opportunity to return to the family farm with the completion of the new 4400 sow farm. Serving as the assistant manager doing anything from HR to training and working in the daily operations, Janae finds her days are quickly filled up. When she is not at the farm, Janae is likely helping her husband on his family’s dairy farm or spending time with family and friends.