Position categories & Descriptions

Career opportunities are endless at Pig Hill Farms. Join our team at our new state-of-the-art facility near Larchwood, IA. We have opportunities in the categories below. Click the area that interests you to learn more details about each position.


Gestation Specialst

The Gestation Specialist serves as a leader and manager to other employees in the gestation and gilt developer barns.

Duties include:

  • Monitoring production performance
  • Managing electronic sow feeding software
  • Tracking gilt and sow flow for proper pen management
  • Breeding sows and gilts
  • Adapting and learning new technologies, and more 

Gilt Development Specialist

You will work alongside the barn manager and current employees to perform daily chores and animal care at a 4,400 head gilt development and gestation facilities.

Duties include:

  • Exposing oldest gilts daily to a boar and tracking observed heat dates
  • Keeping accurate records
  • Monitoring and assisting with ventilation management
  • Managing feed budgets
  • Identifying disease challenges, and more


Farrowing (Birthing) Specialist

The Farrowing Specialist works alongside the barn manager and current employees to perform tasks and animal care at the 4,400 head sow farm. Some responsibilities will include:

  • Attending to birthing sows
  • Performing day 1 piglet care
  • Monitoring sow and piglet health
  • Processing piglet litters
  • Keeping accurate records
  • Performing general maintenance, and more 

Nighttime Farrower

The Nighttime Farrower will perform much of the same duties as the farrowing (birthing) specialist, but will be working through the night to ensure that our animals get 24 hour care. 

Piglet development

wean pig Specialist

The Wean Pig Specialist performs daily chores and animal care for nursery piglets (15-25 lbs.).

Duties include:

Implementing and practicing strict biosecurity measures
Keeping accurate records
Managing feed diet transitions
Identifying and rescuing fall-out pigs, and more


Finishing specialist

The Finishing Specialist works alongside the barn manager and current employees to perform daily chores and animal care for 5,000 finishing spaces.  

Duties include:

Performing daily chores
Loading out hogs and power washing as barns empty out
Opportunities to perform other general farm/field work to make this a full-time position

Cattle & Crops

Cattle & Crops Specialist


The Cattle & Crops Specialist works with the operations team to perform daily chores and animal care for 2,000 feedlot spaces. Duties also include assisting in the crop operations with field preparation, spraying, & harvest

Duties include:

  • Performing daily cattle chores
  • Processing/Vaccinating cattle
  • Maintain high level of cleanliness in cattle yards
  • Operating equipment relating to feedlot cattle and crop operations